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Hospitality is defined as a friendly reception; generous treatment of guests or strangers. A hospitality suite is a wonderful way to say "THANK YOU" to your clients. Call it a cocktail party, a social hour or an after glow, it’s a subtle way to entertain clients and staff and to court new customers.

Al The Only provides ideal entertainment in a hospitality suite.

"Our group of representatives from over 35 countries is NOT an easy one to please. Al handled it in stride, putting everyone at ease and causing many to gawk in disbelief at many of his sleight-of-hand routines. Al was/is incredibly professional in his delivery and is one of the best "traveling" magicians I have had the opportunity to see," said Rocky Rocksbororough-Smith, Chairman Convention Committee, Canadian Ship Supply & Services Association.

Al The Only’s unassuming manner, quick wit and professional charm adds to your friendly reception. He works the room, making stops at small groups, entertaining them with his award winning sleight-of-hand. He may have four or fourteen people around him.

He focuses on bringing individuals into groups and conversations. The magic he presents is called "close-up" because it’s done in your hands and up close right before your very eyes. It’s informal and unobtrusive and yet very interactive, intimate and entertaining. "You were a big hit, mingling with our guests and delighting each group with your magic, humor and amazing sleight-of-hand," said Sophie Harris, GMAC Conference Coordinator.

Items disappear and reappear. Foam bunnies multiply. Al performs card tricks, coin tricks and tricks with jewelry; but it’s not about the tricks! It’s about showing your guests a good time. Al mixes and mingles with your guests. He is your acting ambassador, extending your hospitality and good will.

Every hospitality suite has food and liquor. Why not make yours unique and memorable with the entertainment of Amusionist Al The Only.

Dick Clarke of Champion International said, "The ice cubes can melt, the shrimp may be soggy and the band may be out of tune but with Al The Only we know exactly what to expect. We’ve used Al in hospitality suites around the country and Canada. He’s our ace in the hole. His class and professionalism, not to mention his fascinating magical skills, have always made us look good." Give your guests generous treatment at your next friendly reception by including Al The Only as part of your hospitality.

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